After setting up the API connectors for Gladia let's build a very basic transcription application:

Setting up the UI

  1. Add a File upload component
  1. Add an Action Button and a Text component
  1. Right click on the text component and group the element in a Row Container
  1. Set the created group to a Type of content: Text
  1. Go back to the text component and set the value to be Parent goup's text
  1. Select the Transcribe button added on step 2 and click Edit Workflow to set up an action on click.
  1. In the workflow add a plugin action selecting Gladia API File action
  1. Associate the File upload UI component to the API parameter to be sent to Gladia's API by adding a Dynamic link based on dynamic data
  1. Display the result in the Transcription UI text box by creating a new action and choosing Display data in a group/popup
    "images": [
    "image": [
    "align": "center",
    "border": true
  2. Set up the Group element to be updated
  1. Set up the elements to be displayed in this group element based on the crafted Gladia's API response template following all the steps below