This feature is in Alpha state.
Breaking changes may still be introduced to this API, but an advanced notice will be sent.

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The chapterization model segments the audio into logical chapters based on the audio and content, and makes it easier to navigate long audios such as meeting recordings.

Each chapter will contain its start and end time, as well as a summary, headline, bottom line “gist” and keywords.


Enable chapterization by simply setting chapterization to true in your transcription request.

request data
  "audio_url": "<your audio URL>"
  "chapterization": true


The transcription result will contain a "chapterization" key with the output of the model:

  "chapterization": {
    "success": true,
    "is_empty": false,
    "results": [
            "summary": "In a world where minimalism is valued, yet excess is desired, hope for the future remains. The past predicts the present, which is yet to be determined.",
            "headline": "Headline: \"Embracing Hope: The Interconnectedness of Past, Present, and Future\"",
            "gist": "Embracing Hope: Past, Present, Future Interconnected",
            "keywords": [
              "Split infinity",
              "less is more",
              "too much",
            "start": 0.0,
            "end": 19.83977,
    "exec_time": 5.078396797180176,
    "error": null