This feature is on Beta state.

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The Summarization model generates a summary of your transcript.

You choose one of our summary type to customize the summarization based on your preference.

3 summarization types are available:

  • general : A regular summary of the transcription
  • concise : A shorter summary for quick overview
  • bullet_points : Retrieve the key points in a list

If no summarization_config is provided, general type will be used by default. Find all this information in the API Reference (see summarization_config).


To enable summarization simply set the "summarization" parameter to true

request data
  "audio_url": "<your audio url>"
  "summarization": true


The transcription result will contain a "summarization" key with the output of the model:

  "transcription": {...},
  "summarization": {
    "success": true,
    "is_empty": false,
    "results": "This transcription suggests that...",
    "exec_time": 1.5126123428344727,
    "error": null

You’ll find the summarization of your audio under the results key.