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Gladia API provides an end-to-end platform for AI inference. Gladia is the only API platform to allow the hosting of all AI task at the same time and helps you find the best model that fits your needs

AI accessible in just few lines of code for your applications

Gladia is Fast and easy to deploy AI APIs framework.
It has been designed to help researchers compare their qualitative results against other models for a given task.
On the other hand it has been designed with a web developper as a end user in mind. Making sure developer with little to no AI knowledge can leverage AI new capabilities in a few minutes.


  • All AI APIs in one place.
  • No AI skills needed to leverage AI capabilities such as :
    • Speech to Text / Speech recognition
    • Optical Character Recognition
    • Speech Generation
    • Translation
    • Auto-correct
    • Next word prediction
    • Nudity Detection (NSFW)
    • Language Abuse Detection
    • and many others
    • Check our extensive list of implemented AI tasks available with APIs
  • AI API curation : selecting and implementing models out of the box.
  • AI API harmonization making sure that all implementation remain consistent whatever the model is.
  • Auto Data Type conversion (Input and output).
  • Lighting Fast new API integration requiring low API skills.
  • 1 line Docker Deployment leverage GPU's power.
  • No dependency nightmare.
  • No Driver/CUDA/CuDNN/Tensorflow/Pytorch compatibility nightmare.


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Source Code

All Gladia APIs are open source under MIT license.


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