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Instructions on how to play Connect 4 game

Connect 4 is a famous board game worldwide. With a simple but extremely smart way to play, checkers are suitable for children from 6 years old and up. This board game requires the player's ingenuity, perseverance and calculation. Furthermore, when playing with friends and relatives, children will have the opportunity to interact, enhance communication and connection skills. Features of the [connect 4](https://connect-4.io) game set Each Connect 4 board game set includes 2 pieces, yellow and red, with 21 pieces of each color. Convenient Connect 4 chess set design. The details are contained in a compact, beautiful box. Children can take this toy anywhere. The product is made of high quality plastic, does not contain toxic substances. The toy's edges are rounded, ensuring no damage to the baby's skin when exposed. Instructions on how to play connect four checkers game The Connect 4 game set requires more thinking than traditional checkers. However, the way to play the Connect 4 checkered game is also quite simple, easy to play and suitable for children's abilities. Children need to create 4 consecutive chess pieces horizontally, vertically or diagonally to win. The product helps children practice thinking, calculation, dexterity and perseverance during play. At the same time, the game also increases interaction with people when playing with friends and relatives because this game requires 2 players. It would be great for friends or the whole family to play Connect 4 chess in their free time or on weekends and holidays. The fatigue and stress of work and life will certainly disappear and give way to joy and laughter.

Live audio minimum audio size

Hi, I'm testing your live audio feature and aren't getting any transcriptions. Is there a minimum audio sample length for the frames that are sent? ```json { "x_gladia_key": "hidden", "encoding": "WAV/ULAW", "bit_depth": 8, "sample_rate": 8000, "language_behaviour": "automatic single language", "language": "swedish", "endpointing": 300, "model_type": "fast", "frames_format": "base64", "reinject_context": true, "word_timestamps": "true" } ``` The initial response is this: ```json { "request_id": "G-18e181ad", "event": "connected" } ``` Sending a frame ```json { "frames": "fn5+fn7+/n5+fn7+fn7+/v7+/v7+/v7+fn7+/n5+/v5+fH5+fn5+/n5+/v7+/v7+/Pz8/P7+/n5+/v5+fnx8fH5+fn5+/v7+/v7+/vz8/v7+/v7+fn5+fn5+fn5+fv7+/v7+/v5+fn5+fn7+fn58fv5+/v7+/v7+/v7+/n5+fn5+fn5+fn5+fv5+fn7+/v7+/n7+/n5+fnx+fn7+fv7+/A==" } ``` And getting this response ```json { "request_id": "G-18e181ad", "event": "transcript" } ``` Nothing else in the responses. The audio in the frame is quite short, only `20ms`. Is this too short? What is the recommended minimum? Also, since I have `"reinject_context": true`will this not take previous audio frames into account for transcription? Any other recommendations? Thanks, Joakim

Specific wordings

I would like to send specific wordings to include into the translation. Is it possible ?

wow gold

Dear immortals, I need some inspiration to create <https://www.wowtot.com>

Can Gladia distinguish different speakers speaking in a meeting?

Can Gladia distinguish different speakers speaking in a meeting?

Sample JSON response when the 10 monthly hours expires

what is the JSON response when my 10 hours monthly credit expires?

Are bytes supported?

Hello! I'm thinking on implementing your transcription API on a IVR scenario where a near-real-time result is required. I've seen from your documentation that only file URLs are supported. Are you planning to support audio bytes to be uploaded as well? This would remove the need of hosting the audio file before requesting a transcription. Best, Christian Velez

Include detected_language field in the response of audio-transcription endpoint

If someone would like to use your model to detect the language of the input text it would be useful to contain detected_language in the response of the `/audio/text/audio-transcription`