In order to provide a smooth experience and optimal performance for all users, Gladia accounts can have up to 2 differents limits for Free & Paid users :

Need a higher concurrency limit?

The value listed below are default values. We can provide high concurrencies based on your needs, so feel free to contact us.

Plan typeUsage limit (per month)Max Transcriptions in concurrency
Free10 Hours3
  • Usage limit : (free-tier users only)

    This determines the number of hours a user can transcribe a given month. This is a limitation for free tier users only.

  • Concurrency : (depending on free/paid tier)

    This refers to the maximum number of transcription or live transcriptions that a user can process at the same time. For asynchronous transcriptions, Paid plan users can queue up to 100 requests, but only will still have 25 max processed concurrently.

  • API level rate limit : (same for every user)

    Which is the number of API calls that a user can make within a particular time frame. This is to ensure that a single user or malicious actor doesn’t affect the performance of the API for all the other users.